Depict the fragile and short-lived beauty of the flower, make out the story in usual things, refer to village theme, to ancestral roots, catch the fickleness of mother nature and novelty of traveling abroad.

Feel the joy of success and satisfaction from mistakes and be even happier!


Julia Vorobyeva was born in Troitsk, Moscow region.


In 1994 she graduated from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Economics Faculty and for a long time worked in the speciality.


In 2006 she began to attend art studio under the guidance of Honored Worker of Culture, artist Alexander Nazarov. Taking classes of outstanding teacher gave an opportunity to see the world in other way, change the life and move on a new interesting course.


The artist works in the classical genre of landscape and still life, tries herself in animalism, prefers watercolor and pastel technique. Full-scale sketches help the author to develop the pen speed and attention. She enjoyed studying the paintings of old masters by copying their works.


Currently, she continues to take classes at the "Nazarov's Art Studio" as well as at Moscow Art studios.


Since 2007 - permanent participation in annual exhibitions in Сultural and Technical Center TRINITI.
2009 - participation in the city's exhibition "Flowers" in Center of Culture and Сreativity. Troitsk.
2012 - personal exhibition "The Beginning" in Center of Culture and Сreativity. Troitsk.
2013 - participation in Watercolor Festival "A la prima".


since 2013 member of the Union of Artists Moscow region.

Author's works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.