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Exhibition of artists-teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts and Watercolors


September 12-October 12, 2014 will be an exhibition of artists-teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts and Watercolors.



Выставка художников-педагогов Академии акварели
Выставка художников-педагогов Академии акварели …

The exhibition presents the paintings of Julia Vorobeva:




Roundtable of teachers-artists in CCEA


August 27, 2014 at the Center for Continuing Education Art (CCEA) held a roundtable of teachers-artists with Vorobeva Y.


Круглый стол педагогов-художников
Круглый стол педагогов-художников …



Publication in the magazine «AртIndustry»


In the journal "ArtIndustry» №06 (117) 2014 published an article by Julia Vorobeva "Pastel painting. Materials, tools and surfaces ".

Read the article (13 МB) →






Participation in the Third All-Russian Scientific Conference "Multimedia technology in modern education"


Vorobeva Y. obtained a certificate for publishing an article "Writing a story in the multi-layer watercolor using multimedia" on the website of the Faculty of "Multimedia Technologies" educational portal "My University"

Read the article www.moi-mummi.ru



скачать презентацию
View the multimedia presentation
of the lesson (4 МБ) →




Plener of teachers of the Watercolor Academy. Homesteads Tyutchevs in Muranovo Academy




Address: Moscow, Pushkin district, Museum "Muranovo"




Art-gallery on the day of Troitsk


May 31, Troitsk celebrated the Day of the city. Artists of the city took part in the celebration.




Sirenevyi Boulevard was decorated with numerous works, the artists invited created paintings right in front of the townspeople.



Address: Moscow, Troitsk, Sirenevyi Boulevard /


Благодарственное письмо
Благодарственное письмо



Plener St. Petersburg pastel artist S.E.Usik


May 17, 2014 Kolomenskoye park, Moscow







Exhibition "The teacher and students"


held at the Cultural and Technical Center PC TRINITY from 18 January to 9 February 2014.


The exhibition presents the works of Julia Vorobeva


Opening Day will be held on 18 January 2014. at 16.00 hours.

Address: Moscow, Troitsk, Sirenevyi Boulevard-2.



Exhibition Hall is opened:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 14.00-19.00,
Saturday and Sunday- 12.00-18.00,
Site http://ktc.triniti.ru/





Anniversary Exhibition of "Union of Artists of the Moscow region"


held in the House of Scientists RAS TSC from 7 to 22 December 2013.


Выставка СХП
Выставка СХП

The exhibition shows the work of artists, members of the Union of Artists of the Moscow region. The exhibition presents the work of Julia Vorobeva


«Street of Alsace. Ensisheim» (38x28,5 cm watercolor on paper 2013).

«Yard in Colmar. France» (32х24 cm watercolor on paper 2013).

«Street St. Helen. Strasbourg» (24х32 cm watercolor on paper 2012).

«The May lilac» (50х60 cm watercolor on paper 2013).


Address: Moscow, Troitsk, Octyabrskiy prospekt,9b.
Tel.: 8 (495 )751-02-67, 751-22-23



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